Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tribute to NOLA

This is short, but I thought I'd preserve my Facebook post from in the middle of the night tonight....since I'm still awake and this is what is on my mind....

Dear NOLA,
Today is the 1st day of my 7th year here! I arrived when you were broken in body & spirit (as was I) and am proud to have been witness to your rising & return to wholeness. I've had opportunities here I never imagined I'd have: UNO, NOVA, Jefferson Chorale, ACDA, Civic Symphony, the "Thursday Night Group", a beautiful Episcopal church choir -to name just a few. I finished my doctorate here. Then, there are dear friends & those who have become my family. I feel like I'm allowed to be quirky & passionnate here and most of all - happy. Thank you for being a super city with marvelous people and opportunities...PS This is the year I'll finally get to Saints, Zephyrs, and Hornets games ; )

Snoballs, City Park walks, thunderstorms, drama, Super Bowl, Fleur de lis, French Quarter, voodoo stores, jazzy friends, egrets, Elizabeth's restaurant, Inconspicuous 8, St. Paul's, Mississippi benches, Mardi gras & parades, cruises, Artwalk, dacquiris, museums, photography, ordinations & installations, beignets, beads, the market, rice, history, UNO Innsbruck, marshes, steamboats, water meters, hosting 45+ concerts at St. Paul's, travel, weather pics, Nutriapocalypse, alligators, coffee, 610 Stompers, coming together, Yats, WhoDats, Festival Brasileiro, Thursday nights, Lagniappes.........

(I'll update w/ a few pictures Sunday when I'm home)