Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bakery Goodness in Patel Nagar, West Delhi, India

Bakery Goodness (# 2 of previously unpublished drafts from 2014!)
In my second day of exploring Delhi, I visited the same Chocolate & Cake Studio for another cappuccino as I had enjoyed my first visit and after some friendly conversations with the owner and shopkeeper. This time, I decided to return and sample something baked. 
I ordered a slice of red velvet cake because it looked tasty and was the last lonely slice of it, just asking to be eaten. A first bite told me it was terrific! I had barely put the fork down before the baker comes out and hands me two hot cookies and asks me to try them. One was chocolate and the other a white chocolate/cranberry cookie. HOW could I refuse? I mean, it would be rude, wouldn't it? I took a bite and POW, they tasted great!!! As soon as I put them down and took another sip of my cappuccino,I began trying to figure this out, having a tiny VSG stomach now, I had to have a plan. I had to agree to eat so much sugar and also find out how to take it back to my hotel without it completely melting. Before I could finish the thought, guess what?! The baker....he came back out with a warm piece of apple cinnamon cake! 

At this point, I mentioned that I had VSG surgery and that meant that my stomach was very small so I could not eat everything. He said it was no problem and that he was taking some cake across the street to a friend in a neighboring shop and for me to just try it. Now, I strongly dislike baked apples, I always have, but this was THE BEST apple cinnamon concoction I'd ever had! The apples were not offensively huge and they weren't even trying to overtake the cake. In fact, they were small, well-behaved and well-blended, and the cake was SO soft and fluffy that it created a new airy taste. Wow. Cakevana. 
Today, my last day in Delhi, I am back at the same place, this time simply to cool off and drink some lime n lemoni soda! It's called Limca and IS THE BEST. 

I'll probably order lunch here as well :-) If you're in this area, make a point to come here. The management and staff are very friendly and all the different bakery and food items are too!
did end up ordering lunch here and guess what I ate, just for kicks? 
A DELHI sandwich, ha! :-)


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