Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Redhead's Favorite Lotions

While I completely realize that this post will be of zero interest to most people, I'm writing it anyway, MWAH! :-) My absolute FAVORITE lotion in the world came in the mail today! Nivea Soft
I first tried it one summer while teaching in Innsbruck, Austria and I bought it at a grocery/department store. It is SO SOFT, smells fabulous, but isn't too smelly and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin! I use it on my hands and face. I haven't been able to find it in the U.S., at least any place in NOLA, so I ordered a few tubes from Amazon and YAY! 
I have sensitive skin and am a redhead. I've got mild Rosacea, but haven't really had too many issues with that and don't have to take medicines for it. As I age, I have more freckles that have turned into moles, BOOOOO. I'm sure I'll end up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West eventually (wait, didn't she actually have pretty good skin, albeit green?!), but for now, people always tell me what terrific skin I have so maybe I really do. However, I would NOT want to see myself under a UV lamp. 

Freckles, future skin care patches, and moles, OH MY :-) 

I take decent care of my skin and I personally follow three things regarding skin care:
1. The slather method
2. Giving my skin a rest
3. Sun protection / SPF 

For the "slather method", all that means is that I slather in plenty of body lotion after a shower. I adore Bath & Body Works stuff, but mostly use Vaseline products (or the CVS imitations)
I do love also Olay's Quench though, for body and face! 
As for giving my skin a rest, I occasionally have days or weeks where I don't wear any makeup and I "refresh" my facial lotion about three times a day. This happens mostly during holidays or summer or travel :-)

Above is another of my favorites and this is my usual under-makeup moisturizer. Well, either that or the Olay Quench Shimmer. For the third item, it would be to include lotions with sun protection. I like Coppertone's Water Babies and use the fragrance-free version.
I have always had a ton of friends ask me to try their special, extremely expensive, products and in many cases, I have done it to help them out with their personal sales and career initiatives. I stopped that about 20 years ago as the products, to me personally, weren't making any differences and all my favorites are often cheaper.....much, MUCH cheaper. 
Here endeth my lotiony post :-)

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