Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The dreaded office move out

Alright y'all! I did it! I finished going through stuff at UNO and packing up my office. I did end up leaving a lot of books, CDs, lots of scores, and a TON of sheet music. I tried to keep what was extra meaningful and/or useful to me. Still, I ended up keeping a ton of stuff. I can't imagine myself leaving it all behind. Things such as scores signed by Robert Shaw, works I have sung at various points in my life that have made an impact on me, music my professors wrote, pieces that are my favorites, and music from Bulgarian conductors and workshops. As for the books I'm leaving behind, most of them are ones I have not used and don't feel I'll ever use, even if they hold some sentimental value. I tried, I REALLY tried to leave more behind, but for now this was all I could do. 
I got half of the boxes into my apartment yesterday, but I stopped because my parking spot was a block away and the rest of the boxes are HEAVY! 
The smiley balloon is an old one, but wow, it lasted 10 yrs! One of my dearest friends in the world, Sara, sent it to me when I moved to New Orleans. We had worked together at USC and she was proud of me for getting the job. It's been smiling at me every morning :-) One side is extremely faded from the sun, but the side facing this way is still somewhat yellow.
The snowball below was my reward for finishing my office, LOL :-) The flavor is red velvet!
So, how do I feel now that I've cleaned out most of my office? 
I feel FANTASTIC! It feels lighter and is one step closer to my new life as a seminarian. I am slightly worried about whether or not I should take ALL of the books with me, but I have a couple of months to figure that out...
One thing that cleaning out the office did for me is make me think examine my books and want to to-re-read a few. Maybe I'll have some opportunities coming up when I am in recovery from surgery in mid-June so that will be nice!
Something else that occurred to me at UNO when cleaning out the office was the excitement that I felt when I first moved there ten years ago and the fresh, fun feelings that come with decorating a new space. I feel that way about my new tiny apartment. It's also a new chance to be clutter free and I'm hoping to abide by that - at least when it's not exam and paper-writing time and when stuff will NEED to be all over the place!

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