Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Alternate View: Hang in there #GC78

Ok, So, I think that I hit some sort of slump today. It's been a solid week for me (and several days longer for many others) of constant activity and being "on" from 7:00 AM until late at night. It's a little unbelievable, but the House of Deputies session was supposed to end at 7:30 (we got our early) and some people had 10:00 meetings (and not the relaxed, debriefing kind)! The word going around is "Hang in there #GC78"
I went to the media room this morning after typing up a few things and then decided to go to the morning worship service a bit late. The gospel choir was excellent. I found myself not participating too much, and as I was sitting waaaaaaay in the back, I was rather distracted from the action so far away. Tired. This morning I also simply needed a hug (which my bishop and a deputation member provided), but in the wonderful session honoring our current presiding bishop, I became a bit weepy. I will truly miss Katharine Jefferts Schori. I believe that she came at just the right time for what the church needed and that she has been an astoundingly wonderful example of diplomacy, mission, pastoral care, and environmental stewardship. She is also a personal role model for me and I have enjoyed reading her books and occasionally meeting her and her husband Richard over the past nine years. 
Frank T. Griswold, previous presiding bishop, came onto the platform with newly-elected presiding bishop Michael Curry to form what he coined "A Jubilation of Primates" :-) That made me smile!
I found myself trying hard to concentrate and tweet the afternoon legislative session, but I was getting confused and the marriage debate was schedule for tomorrow. Then, things seemed to be stuck with constant amendments so I took a break and went into the exhibit area for an hour. The exhibits close tomorrow so today was pretty much my only time to go.
I did take my selfie with St. Francis who won Lent Madness. Also, I bought myself a mouse pad and coaster and shirt from the Episcopal Marketplace! There, I talked with my friend Peter Wallace from Day1 who has been very influential in my discernment over the years and always wrote back to my questions and emails on Facebook. What an amazing, brilliant, and sweet person!
I had some great discussion with the folks at Episcopal Relief & Development, which I support, and then as I was about to leave, someone called my name and came running....
It was Rev'd Daniel Webster @revweb from twitter and instagram!!!!!! and then @velopriest as well!!!!! More twitter goodness!!!!!!! I LOVE meeting my twitter friends in person!!!!
After picking up a suitcase worth of brochures, speaking with Seminary folks, and taking pictures, I came back to the House of Deputies where they were having trouble. There were tons of amendments to Governance and Structure resolutions, but they had to postpone one and then stop altogether and adjourn for the day because Spanish translations were not yet available for several things. The House was apparently ahead of where they were at this time last General Convention! 
Instead of exploring various Seminary receptions which may or may not have been RSVP or open...I decided to walk back to my hotel, have an introvert night, dinner, and watch some TV to catch up with the outside world. It turned out well because I ended up having a phone conversation with Bishop Samuel Azariah, the primate of Pakistan (!!!!) Diocese of Raiwind in Pakistan First of all, WOW, I cannot actually believe that we talked and secondly, I did look into obtaining a VISA last year to travel there. I have always wanted to see several historic sites and I was going to be close enough since I was in India. Too many security reasons not to go, but looking ahead to the future and having some possible official security with me as well as a place to stay and a job to do - I WOULD LIKE TO GO! So, we will chat again relatively soon about it! #fingerscrossed 
That's it for me today! Check my #GC78 photos HERE and have a good night, folks :-)
Thank you for reading!

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