Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Alternate View: A Day of WOW in #GC78

Today was amazing!! The highlights were that I got to catch up with a good friend - a brother in the SSJE (Society of St. John the Evangelist) who I hadn't seen since the 1990's), I had lunch with one of my best friends at one of my favorite restaurants, and the sermon at the morning worship service was outstanding!
Sermon by Becca Stevens - link 
Brother Jim and me 
I'm way too tired (lazy?) to write much more at this hour, but I'll simply let others do the work for me :-) I'll add that I never imagined my tweet would be quoted in Mashable and Buzzfeed, but I think that's pretty cool! In each case, I waited until the last vestiges of the president of the house's voice sounded as she read the voting results in each case BEFORE I pressed send.
I gave a play-by-play tweeting that several folks said had them on the edges of their seats. It was riveting and a bit stressful too. I'm not able to type with two hands yet on my iPhone and since wifi was off, I had to make sure I was ready with the important tweets and correct with numbers of amendments and resolutions. Super fun work though :-)
After attending a portion of the "Utah Night" event at the Salt Lake City Tabernacle, I checked my phone and it was blowing up with folks letting me know I had been quoted in these articles. Nice surprise! Here are the two small articles.
1. Mashable article
2. Buzzfeed article
While I am personally very, VERY happy with the way today's voting turned out, I am conscious of the fact that not everyone was rejoicing in the House of Deputies, among my colleagues and friends, and among members of the Anglican Communion.With that in mind, I am extremely proud of our church for being able to discuss both sides of any issue, for being able to center decisions and discernment in prayer, for reaching out to all even though all may not agree on something, and for taking risks, albeit slow risks. I'm very proud to be an Episcopalian all the time, but maybe a portion more today.
Here's a photo of our Diocese of Louisiana Deputation and then some scenes from around the Tabernacle area. Salt Lake City is very pretty and also extremely clean.
EDOLA deputation (not pictured: Edgar Stearns and me :-)

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