Monday, October 5, 2015

A Birthday Rhyme-fest for My Bishop

A Birthday Rhyme-fest for My Bishop, Morris K. Thompson
11th Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana
~ by Caroline Carson

There once was a bishop named Morris
Whose care was eternally for us. 

He led us with grace from the tip of his mitre 
And showed us God’s love, it was always the brighter.

He sang all the hymns with such excellent gusto,
That folk were inspired to sing with robusto!

He walked with his crozier
With quite the composure

As he blessed all the people
‘Neath many a steeple

The kindness he shows to all those he meets
Is valued far more than this poem now greets.

For my friend and my bishop, I’m truly most blessèd
With his coolness and humor I’m also impressèd

I’m glad you were born and I’m glad that we met
For you make our lives better and help us not fret

I can hear you right now with a smile, in the Kirk
Saying “Life is short, be ye well, do ye good work!”

So THANK YOU this day and I hope you enjoy
Getting good wishes as THE BIRTHDAY BOY!

PS. I hope I won’t be excommunicated for all the rhymes! :-)

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