Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Introducing: BLUEBELL

Ok, so it took me two years after the death of my dear Sasha kitty to finally get another sweet kitteh, but I finally did it when I came home from my summer travels. I'd actually been wanting to have a dog all year AND another cat, but do realize that I can't do that just yet because of apartment life and not having enough time to devote to a dog's needs. I will, at some point, get another dog. Over the summer, I began to realize that I pet every animal that I passed. I started looking at pictures from the LA-SPCA and various adoption places, hoping to find just the right pet for me. As it turned out, I found a couple of kitty cats and drove out to see them, but when I called halfway there on each trip and someone had JUST adopted them! Alas. Finally, on a Tuesday afternoon, I found Metairie Kitten Adoption and a few pretty cats that I wanted to go see. They said that they were currently being looked at, but that the person was going to decide which one to adopt the next day. I asked if I could come and see them that evening and so I did! I chose the lovely kitty who is now my sweet Bluebell kitteh :-)
She is a Russian Blue breed and the name Bluebell, which I had chosen for a future dog name, was now going to be hers! It's also actually NOT about the ice cream either, though I do love Bluebell ice cream! Her eyes are STUNNING! They are yellow with a green ring around each pupil and her shade of grey is so pretty!

So, she came home with me, so super tiny and now after a month and a half, she has grown a bit. She's super playful and just a bundle of joy! Bluebell loves to snuggle and purr. Her purring is loud too! She is also very smart and I understand that this, as well as being very loving, is a characteristic of her breed.

So, welcome Bluebell and her silly antics which will probably be posted here pretty often!

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