Friday, June 3, 2016

Awamat (Awwamaat) and Jelabies!

Sooooooo, check out these lovelies! Awamat (also Owamat, Awwameh, Awwamaat, and many other variations.) I saw these last night while walking from the Damascus Gate through a market / shop area and they reminded me of having seen them in India, Nepal, and Pakistan. They are honey-soaked sweet bread / dough balls and originally Syrian. They are SUPER TASTY and can be soaked in sugar syrup, honey, honey with cinnamon, or rose water (that sounds AMAZING!) I must try some of these tomorrow (or every day...)

I have actually had them before in India and Pakistan, but don't recall the specific version of the name. They usually came after dinner in someone's home or were all over the city at street vendors' carts. I've always had the more bread-like ones, but I see there are crispier versions and more doughy fried doughnut-like versions. There is even an Ashkenazic dumpling version. Here in Jerusalem, they are also served specifically during Ramadan when a variety of food including savory sweets are eaten after the fast is broken.
RECIPE (there are a ton of variations!) - this one is like the Indian versions I have had!
YouTube of Awamat
Let me just stop right here and say - "SOMEBODY MAKE ME SOME!"
Now, let's turn out gaze to the colorful jelabies below...

I have also had jelabies before and they were honey-filled. I enjoyed them after chapels at the Christian Hospital Mungeli when I was there in 2014 and 2015. SO GOOD!
I was surprised to find them here, but happily so! The flour batter is fermented and later poured into spirals in hot oil and fried. I've never had any but the honey-filled ones, but I know there are variations!
Advice: Go forth and make BOTH of these delicious sweets and save some for me!

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