Monday, June 6, 2016

Namoura / Kullaj / Warbat - THE Most Fabulous Dessert!

WARNING: You may make this dessert and never stop making it. 
ADVICE: Send some to me, I'll help you do away with it!
Kullaj is a Middle Eastern dessert that is FABULOSITY itself! It is also called Namoura and Warbat and consists of phyllo dough stuffed with a cheese custard, a hint of sweetness, and crushed pistachios on top! It is VERY DELICIOUS. Now, this is not Kanafe, but is one of its cousins. I learned that it is particularly associated with the Ramadan holiday (which is today). Even Trip Advisor says it's the "best dessert in Jerusalem".
Here is a recipe
and....Here is another recipe

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