Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Five-year LAUNCHIVERSARY to Mars Curiosity!

Five years ago today I got to attend the launch of the Mars Curiosity rover! It solidified my enthusiasm for work in social media and gave me the confidence that also led to applying and becoming a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador! I'm sure all of us #spacetweeps that went still feel like it's OUR rover! :-) Here are some of my photos from that experience!
1. LINK-one
2. LINK-two
It was an amazing week. I met so many people from all walks of life who had my same space interests and excitement. We met scientists and engineers who worked in the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and on Curiosity! We also got to meet several astronauts and members of NASA administration including Charles Bolden. Even though I had lived much of my life along the I-95 corridor, I'd never been to Kennedy Space Center or seen Cape Canaveral.
NASA basically treated us like rockstars and was INCREDIBLY wonderful. Our job for all the lectures we attended, scientists from the MSL team that we met, visiting the launchpad, and watching the launch from reserved seats - was to get out on social media platforms what we were learning and be the voice of the public for NASA and the space program. In addition, many of us took back educational resources to our schools and communities. Eyes on the Solar System is one such fabulous example.
PLUS, Mars is amazing and I believe that we should all support space programs!

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