Friday, December 11, 2015

Chicken Pesto Broccoli Deliciousness!!! Pure YUM!!!

I CANNOT believe how fantastic this meal turned out!! Chicken pesto turned into chicken/pesto/broccoli/ DELICIOUSNESS.
Here is how I made it, a spin off of several you'll find on the internets.

- chicken tenders, on the thin side is nice
- two packets of Knorr pesto sauce mix (has always been my fav)
- package of skim Mozzarella grated cheese
- Olive oil 
- cooking spray
- broccoli
- pine nuts
- spices I used were: salt, ground oregano, garlic powder
What to do:
- pre-heat over to 365 degrees F (just in case you think in Kelvin or other..)
- mix pesto packets in bowl with one cup water and 1/3 cup olive oil
- add pine nuts (as much as you like, I liked a LOT) and stir
- spray glass baking dish
- pour 1/4 bowl of your pesto mixture in glass dish
- lay the chicken strips on top of that
- dash with garlic powder
- dash with ground oregano
- pour the rest of your pesto mixture on top of the chicken. Some of it slid off so I scooped up some pine nuts to make sure they rested on top
- dash with salt
- COVER with aluminum foil
- Bake at 375 F for 25 min
- remove from oven and turn over the chicken strips which are not quite done
- re-scoop pine nuts so some are on top
- add one handful of finely chopped broccoli 
- bake 5-10 more minutes

- Remove from oven, remove foil
- add the rest of your broccoli now (I like crispy - or at least non-mushy broccoli)
- add your Mozzarella cheese. Add lots. Oh heck, live dangerously, add the whole package
- stir a tad and then drizzle a few spoonfuls of pesto sauce on the top
- broil for 3 minutes, watching it so it bubbles and boils and browns, BUT doesn't BURN.

- remove from oven
- bask in the glory that is chicken pesto broccoli deliciousness
- take pictures and post all over social media
- EAT, don't forget to eat.


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